Two Maintenance Tips For New Diesel Engine Owners

A car or truck with a diesel engine can be a very durable vehicle for you to purchase. However, diesel engines require vastly different care needs than traditional gasoline engines, and failure to appreciate this fact can lead to damages and performance issues. Fortunately, first-time diesel owners may be able to use the following couple of tips to help ensure that they avoid common problems with their new diesel engine.

Consider Installing A Fuel Heating System

The winter months can be hard on any engine due to the extremely low temperatures. However, this can be especially problematic for diesel engines. Diesel fuel can thicken in low temperatures, which can prevent it from igniting or flowing through the fuel system. For those that must regularly drive through extremely cold areas, this can prove to be a major inconvenience as the vehicle may struggle to operate until the engine has been given plenty of time to warm up.

Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by installing a fuel warming system. These systems are designed to prevent diesel fuel from thickening in the low winter temperatures by gently warming the fuel. While having one of these systems installed may seem inconvenient and expensive, the performance benefits may more than outweigh these costs and inconveniences.

Monitor The Water Separator

During the course of operation, a diesel engine can generate a large amount of water. This occurs due to a combination of condensation as well as water separating from the diesel fuel. To combat this problem, diesel engines are equipped with a water separator.

This device is usually located near the fuel filter, and it is designed to intercept any excess water from the fuel before it can enter the engine. Without these devices, you may find that your engine could flood. While these devices can save you from expensive damages, it should be noted that you will need to regularly drain this water to prevent the engine from flooding or corroding. To alert you when this work needs to be done, most diesel engines have a warning light that will activate when the water separator is full. If your vehicle lacks one of these lights, you should check the fuel separator each time you get fuel.

If you are have recently purchased your first diesel engine, it is important to be aware of the unique maintenance requirements for these engines. Making the mistake of overlooking the need to empty the water separator or the benefits of installing a fuel heater can expose your vehicle to a higher risk of suffering problems. To find out more, speak with a business like Bethel Automotive