What Is A Flooded Engine?

As a car owner, the last thing you'd want your car to have an issue with is the engine. Hearing the words 'flooded engine' may make you think you're in for an expensive fix, but the answer can be much more simple than that. This is a common problem, especially for cars that have carburetors. Learning a few simple tricks can save you and maybe your car if you're ever in a pinch.

What Does Flooding the Engine Mean?

Flooding the engine simply means that there's too much fuel in the carburetor. This keeps the engine from combusting properly because it is flooded with fuel. This also means the car doesn't start. So what can you do for this issue? If you suspect the car's engine is flooded, stop trying to start the car and open the hood. This way, whatever fuel is soaking on the outside of the engine can have a chance to evaporate.

Signs the Engine is Flooded

Next, take a look at the spark plugs. If they are coated in fuel, they won't be able to reach the required voltage to 'spark' the engine to life. Remove them and pat them dry with a towel and let them air dry for a few minutes. Put them back in and see if the car can start once again. The most important thing is to leave the hood open and wait about 20 minutes. The excess fuel has to evaporate, which takes time. If it's time to get to work, just know getting there is possible, though clocking in a few minutes late is pretty unavoidable.

If this happens repeatedly, be sure you aren't pressing the accelerator while you start the car, this brings fuel to the engine, which will cause further flooding. Also, it's not entirely impossible for the fuel injector to simply be dirty. This can prevent gas from passing through easily, which can bring about flooding. Using a fuel injector cleaner can help clear up any gunk and dirt and hopefully clean out your fuel injector.

While it may seem like the end of the world when you're running late for work and suddenly, your car won't start. It's important to stay calm because what can seem like an overwhelming car issue can be a simple fix in disguise. Take a few moments to inspect the engine. If it's flooded, the troubleshooting steps above should help your car start once again. For more information, contact an auto repair shop like Dean's Auto Repair Inc.