Outrageous And Illusionistic Automobile Paint Applications

If you would like to paint your automobile in a truly outrageous and illusionistic way, you could paint it to look like it was made of a material that could never really exist on a car. In painting, this effect is called a trompe l'oeil effect and is a visual illusion that fools the eye of the viewer to think that the surface is made of something it is not. You could also  "paint" your car with actual objects or materials that are never found on the surface of a car. Here are a few suggestions for illusionistic and non-illusionistic paint jobs for your car:

  • Illusionistic Car Paint Jobs - A car could be painted to look like it is made of wood, feathers, rocks, reptile skin, or water. These hyper-realistic paint applications must be hand painted to duplicate the look of different materials and include cast shadows and lighting effects. If you are really ambitious, you could alter the surface of your car to resemble the texture and shape of the objects you are painting. If you were painting your car to look like snake skin, you could attach three-dimensional metal snake scales and bond them to the surface of your car. If you were painting your car to look like it was made of rock, you could alter the car's surface texture by chasing and engraving the metal body to resemble the rough surface of rock. When realistically painted, these surfaces will completely duplicate the look of the depicted material. 
  • Clock and Watch Parts Car - A car paint job that is not an illusion could be completely covered in clock and watch parts, such as gears, watch face dials, metal watch bands, arbors, springs, balance wheels, clock hands, and all other components of clocks and watches. These parts could be soldered onto the car or drilled and placed on the car with metal rivets. To protect this exotic surface, the car could be entirely covered with 2–3 layers of epoxy resin to seal all of the parts onto the surface. 
  • Green Car - For an environmental conservationist, you could actually create a green car that could be covered in growing green grass. The multiple layers of growing medium needed for this car would begin with a vapor control layer, followed by a layer of insulation, a waterproof membrane, an absorbent mat, a drainage layer, a water retaining layer, a thick layer of planting soil, and a top layer of grass sod. This green car surface would need to be watered often and mowed (or trimmed) when the grass grew long on the hood and back trunk cover. You could also plant small dandelions and other grass loving flowers along with the grass sod to give the car some color.  

There are many creative and unusual ways you could paint your car. If you would like to paint your car in one of these ways, find a skilled fine artist or an auto body shop with experienced painters and craftsmen who would welcome the challenge of creating a one-of-a-kind paint job on your car. Whatever you do, you will definitely create a lot of attention and probably some press coverage with your custom painted automobile. For more information, talk to an auto paint professional like Select Collision Centers Inc.