Changes To Make To Your Car Before Selling It

Before you sell your car, you will need to make a few modifications to maximize the value of your car. Detailing, new features and repairs can increase the perceived value of your car and increase how much you can sell your car for.

New Features

Adding original parts to your car will make it worth more money. As buyers look for classic cars, they look for evidence that a classic car is original. When adding special equipment to the car, choose a specific theme. For example, you may want to upgrade your car to give it the best sound system possible.

If your car is a classic, you can add additional finishing touches to improve its value by making it seem more authentic. For instance, you can improve the value by adding the original stickers.


Clean the car thoroughly. If the car isn't well cleaned, buyers will assume that the car isn't as well maintained and will be less willing to spend as much money for it. Clean the engine until it shines. The car buyer will likely pop the hood and will be more willing to purchase the car if the engine looks good.


Perform any bodywork necessary to improve the appearance of your car. This includes repairing all dents and scratches. Also, provide all service documentation to prove that your car is in good working condition and that you have taken good care of it. This should include fluid changes, tire rotations, body repairs, engine repairs and other services.

Windshield Wipers And Fluids

Replace all of your windshield wipers. New windshield wipers will increase the perceived value of your vehicle. Also, if you top off all of your fluids, you will make your car seem newer. Top off both the windshield wiper fluid and the anti-freeze levels.


The tires need to have an even tread. If not, replace them so that they do. The cheapest way to make your tires look better is to purchase used tires that are matching. The even tread will cause the motorist to not request that you knock several hundred dollars off the price.


Headlights that are dingy cause the car to seem older. You can either replace the entire headlight or you can use a commercial headlight restoration product. However, if the headlights do not work, they will need to be replaced. While these modifications do cost money, by increasing the perceived value of your car, you will make up for these expenditures by being able to sell your car for more. Contact a business, such as sell my car, for more information.