Four Reasons Not To Ignore Your Auto Dealer’s Maintenance Reminders

Within a few months of buying a car from a dealer, you'll probably start receiving emails or postcards reminding you when it's time for services such as oil changes, tire rotations, belt replacements and fluid checks. While you might see these reminders as upsells, it's actually to your benefit to have these services done. Here are the most important reasons to follow up on these reminders and schedule these preventative maintenance services.


Most preventative maintenance is performed to prevent catastrophic failures that can result in accidents. Replacing brake pads, rotors and fluid ensures that your brakes stay functional and reduces the chance of blowing a brake line or having your calipers seize while you're in traffic. Rotating and balancing your tires keeps them from wearing unevenly and weakening, which could cause a blowout at high speed and make you lose control of the car. Replacing fan belts, serpentine belts and other flexible rubber parts before they wear out can also prevent sudden losses of power that can leave you stranded. While some car parts and systems can and do fail at the worst possible times, being proactive about maintenance can significantly reduce the chance of it happening to you.


Along with making your car safer, "fixing" things before they're broken can often prevent more expensive repairs. While you probably realize that regular oil changes prevent major engine damage, the same is true for your car's other systems as well. Nobody knows how long auto components are expected to last better than the company that designed them, so follow the manufacturer's recommendations for when parts, belts, fluids and filters should be replaced or checked – you'll save money by heading off major repairs and towing fees.

Warranty Protection

Check the fine print in your dealer warranty and you'll probably see that it's void if they can show that you neglected basic preventative maintenance on your car. Whether you have the services performed by the dealer or at your local garage, your receipts will show that you fulfilled your requirements. Having this regular maintenance will help keep your warranty valid if you ever have a major problem or system failure. If you have no proof and it's obvious that neglect was a contributing factor, you'll be out of luck.

Increased Resale Value

If you've ever purchased a used car, you already know that customers want reassurance that the previous owner took care of the vehicle. When you check the vehicle's service history report and see regular oil changes, brake repairs and fluid changes, you're more likely to assume that the owner "babied" the car and didn't abuse it. Likewise, taking your car in like clockwork creates a record for the next prospective owner to see. It's a great selling point and one that can help you get more for your car compared to those without these records. A car that's been cared for, in great shape and less likely to break down can get you more towards you next car when you trade it in

When you start receiving reminders about servicing your car, don't put it off. Keeping up with preventative maintenance can eliminate many potential problems, keeping you safe and helping you save money over the life of your car. If you don't receive notifications, check your owner's manual or have your local garage look up recommendations specifically for your make and model. Whether you take it to a dealer, a local garage or a specialty shop, be sure to schedule the maintenance your vehicle needs.

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