Tips For Preventing Rust On Your Car

Rust can cause an otherwise well-running car to quickly turn into a pile of junk. It will eat through the metal of both the body and the undercarriage. Cars in areas with high salt content in the air, such as near the ocean, or in areas that use salt to treat icy winter roads are at the highest risks for rust and corrosion. The following tips can help your car to avoid this fate. Read More 

Give Your Car A Unique Look With Some Paint And Water

If you are looking for a way to give your car a unique look then you may want to consider painting certain parts in a way that really helps it to stand out. You can paint some of the parts yourself and this can be fun, as well as give your car a look that you can take personal pride in. The information here will introduce you to a method of painting that can be enjoyable and give the car a different look that can't be duplicated. Read More 

Buying a Car From a Friend? What to Know

If you have a neighbor or friend that is selling a car and you're considering purchasing it from them, you have to do your due diligence even though you know the person. You want to know you are buying a car that isn't problematic so a misunderstanding doesn't cause problems in your relationship with your friend or acquaintance. You will want to ask them for details about the car, when it was serviced last, and how long they've had it. Read More