Give Your Car A Unique Look With Some Paint And Water

If you are looking for a way to give your car a unique look then you may want to consider painting certain parts in a way that really helps it to stand out. You can paint some of the parts yourself and this can be fun, as well as give your car a look that you can take personal pride in. The information here will introduce you to a method of painting that can be enjoyable and give the car a different look that can't be duplicated. Read More 

4 Signs Your Brakes Need To Be Serviced

If the brakes of your vehicle start to fail, it's best to have them serviced as soon as possible. If you procrastinate, you may jeopardize your own safety as well as that of your passengers. By recognizing the signs of a brake problem, you can have the issue remedied before safety becomes an issue. Here are a few indications that your brakes need to be serviced: A Squishy Brake Pedal Read More 

Keep Your Luxury Vehicle In Top Shape: 3 Self-Maintenance Tips

So you've just pulled that brand new luxury car off of the lot and you always find a reason to take it out for a spin. This all sounds good but if you want to continue to enjoy that luxury, you need to make sure that you keep your car tuned up. Read below for 3 tips on how you can self-maintain your vehicle.  Oil Filters As you know, oil keeps your engine running smoothly. Read More 

3 Things That Should Be Inspected & Repaired After A Collision

Driving a damaged car around after a collision is not a good idea, no matter how well it still functions. Sometimes even the smallest amount of damage on a car can lead to major problems if you don't make sure repairs are made in a timely manner. This article will explain the areas of a car that should be inspected and repaired after you have been in a collision. Make Sure the Chassis is Inspected by a Professional Read More 

Macpherson Struts And Their Effect On Alignments

The condition of your suspension components has a great effect on your car or truck's wheel alignment. One major suspension component used in many vehicles today that has a direct impact on wheel alignment is the MacPherson strut. When worn or damaged, these struts can have a great effect on your car's alignment and associated tire wear. What are MacPherson struts? In the past, many passenger cars and light trucks had a front suspension system that consisted of several separate components such as shocks, springs and upper and lower control arms. Read More