Changes To Make To Your Car Before Selling It

Before you sell your car, you will need to make a few modifications to maximize the value of your car. Detailing, new features and repairs can increase the perceived value of your car and increase how much you can sell your car for. New Features Adding original parts to your car will make it worth more money. As buyers look for classic cars, they look for evidence that a classic car is original. Read More 

Tips For Working Out Aluminum Body Panel Dents

Aluminum body panels need special care and attention to repair dents after an accident. Unlike steel, which has a memory and always seeks to return to its original shape, aluminum needs extra effort, including heat, to get back to its original shape. Here are a few tips to help you successfully remove a dent in an aluminum body panel. Apply Direct Heat Clean the surface of the body panel, then dry it completely. Read More 

Buying a Car From a Friend? What to Know

If you have a neighbor or friend that is selling a car and you're considering purchasing it from them, you have to do your due diligence even though you know the person. You want to know you are buying a car that isn't problematic so a misunderstanding doesn't cause problems in your relationship with your friend or acquaintance. You will want to ask them for details about the car, when it was serviced last, and how long they've had it. Read More 

Outrageous And Illusionistic Automobile Paint Applications

If you would like to paint your automobile in a truly outrageous and illusionistic way, you could paint it to look like it was made of a material that could never really exist on a car. In painting, this effect is called a trompe l'oeil effect and is a visual illusion that fools the eye of the viewer to think that the surface is made of something it is not. You could also  " Read More 

Three Tips For Safely Towing Your Utility Trailer

Buying a new or used utility trailer can help you with a seemingly endless list of projects around the home or cottage. Everything from carrying home new appliances and renovation supplies to transporting equipment to the cottage can be made significantly easier with a utility trailer. Towing a trailer behind your vehicle can take a period of adjustment before you feel completely comfortable with the activity. When you buy the trailer, the salesperson can often provide you with some basic knowledge about how to tow the trailer safely. Read More